Autumn-Loving and Basic AF

Whenever summer starts to loosen its death grip on the weather, and crisper mornings start to require a little more clothing, I feel my heart become lighter, brighter. 
Surely, we all know, since I’m Fatty McCupcakes, that part of why I love autumn so much is because it means no more exposed chub. Hands down, autumn and winter fashion is my favorite, not only because more of my body is covered, but because I love what I get to cover my body in-cardigans galore, plaid scarves, and every type of boot imaginable.
Pumpkin-flavored-everything starts to be available, and my inner, wannabe-baker starts to stockpile sprinkles, sugar skull cupcake liners, and bags of baking sugar. And, sometimes, I actually get around to baking something delicious. 
Warm, rich stews appear in the dinner rotation, and suddenly, homemade hot apple cider sounds like a good idea. 
I start to purchase huge bags of candy for trick or treaters (no, these never get busted into before Halloween), and I start creating my next, too-involved Halloween costume for school.
So, essentially, I’m just like every other basic, white bitch, dusting off her Uggs. 
And, so-fucking-what? 
If it’s basic to love a season so much that you go hog wild on doing positively everything that makes said season fun as shit, then label me Basic AF, with a capital Chambray and Chevron. 
I don’t even care. 
But, if you love autumn and all that comes with it with every fiber of your being like I do, it’s likely due to something deeper than PSLs and artsy wet leaf Instagram shots. 
You probably had loving, involved parents  who pointed out the changing leaves and talked to you about why the seasons change. 
You likely had a family who took you to pumpkin patches to pick the *perfect* pumpkin to carve. And then you went home to make hot apple cider. 
Maybe your mom took you on Sunday drives in the rain, so that you could witness, first hand, the changing season in all its resplendent glory.
So, it’s settled. I’m a basic, but Canva-graphic-deep, autumn-obsessed bitch. 
I’ve said in earlier posts that when the seasons change, I think of Elko. I don’t know what it is about that place. Especially since I positively hated living there the better part of the first year. 
Still, after so many years, when autumn arrives, it reminds me of the beauty that is Elko. 

Ready for the deep, artsy wet-leaf-Canva-graphic part? 
Here’s what really sings in my heart when autumn rolls in with the dry leaves and fireplace smell: 
Muddy roads and slanted rain on dusty windows.
The smell of rich earth, wet leaves. An old heater. Burning wood. 
Heavy, low-lying clouds, blanketing brown sagebrushed hills. Wet, dark, slate.
The blue-tinged sunshine. Crisp blue skies. Orange, brown, red. 
The taste of cinnamon and cloves. Pumpkin. Yeast. 
Enveloping darkness and lighted windows projecting warmth and a story. 
This is autumn. 
This is autumn, bitch. 

67 thoughts on “Autumn-Loving and Basic AF”

  1. 100% with you n that one, except pumpkin-flavoured stuff. Not a fan of that. England is made for you my dear… We’ve had autumn since May here! πŸ˜‰

  2. Yeah, Autumn is my favourite season as well. Since I’m warm at the best of times, summer is just a long trudge of insects and sweat. Fall means comfortably wearing a suit to work (cause they look better than just business casual!) and enjoying my coffee for the warmth as well as the caffeine.

  3. You use the term Autumn over Fall, which I respect and thing makes you not basic. What I like about Autumn (yep, I agree, best season, hands down) even beyond the changing colors and Oktoberfest and LSD harvesting (it’s true) is that it’s the sexiest season. People are covering up more adding to the mystery and people have to wear shoes and non-humidity-affected hair and accessories like scarves and jeans instead of shorts. It’s just sexier. Not basic. Just more romantic.

  4. Living in upstate New York summer has never been my favorite season. Humidity, bugs, and sweating. Don’t mind sweating when it’s cold but not when it’s hot and humid. I love Autumn and Winter and this post. So enjoyable, thank you.

  5. I’m totally with you in the exposed chub. I dress like a teenage boy as it is, so the colder weather means I can wear my sweats and hoodies without feeling like I’m in a furnace…
    I’ve never had pumpkin spiced anything. Perhaps this is the year I should try it…

  6. I am embracing my basic white chickness this year! Even told the boy “I’m a regular basic white chick, you need to just accept that” after I spent my free time last week shopping for boots and leggings/skinny jeggings to wear with said boots. Although I draw the line at pumpkin spiced anything. No thank you. Unless it’s a pumpkin spice muffin from Tim Hortons because that thing has toasted pumpkin seeds on the top and they push an icing bag into the middle and fill it up with icing so when you bite into it, it’s magical.

  7. I’m tired of people trying to make basic white bitches sound like a bad thing. As a basic white bitch, I think we’re awesome. And I’ve been pinning pumpkin recipes for the past month. SO THERE.

  8. “Enveloping darkness and lighted windows projecting warmth and a story.”
    Talking a walk in the autumn dusk is better than Netflix, you can look in windows discreetly and see all sorts of shit go down. I used to lament not having a family until I realized I was glamorizing the soundless kitchen conversations I was creeping on from the sidewalk.
    She’s not asking little Jared how junior varsity football practice went while her hands work a turkey baster out of sight, she’s informing him what a bastard his divorced father was for not chipping in on the gear fee while she slices limes for her second scotch highball since 4 P.M. And that dancing blue glow from the other side of the room? Fox News.
    Ah, Americana.

  9. I have way too many ups and downs to count Autumn as a favorite season.
    The photographer in me loves the colors. My taste buds dislike the pumpkin-spice flavored everything.
    The voyeur in me loves the earlier darkness. The sensitive in me dislikes feeling the shift from growth to sleep in nature.
    The prim&proper maiden in me adores that the bugs go die off somewhere…but she also HATES that my birthday is in September which adds yet another + to that whole 29 fiction I’m running regarding my age.

  10. I have to admit that I’m not a fan of the colder weather that comes with autumn, and I certainly struggle with winter. What I DO like is snuggling up indoors , all warm, with some nice homemade comfort food. You mentioning stew has given me cravings!

  11. Absolutely nothing wrong with enjoying pumpkin spice, wearing Uggs, and taking pictures of wet autumn leaves. There is a reason all of those things are popular. I was so excited that PSL was back, and I love watching the leaves change. Summer is still my favorite season (mostly because our winter is SO LONG), but there is definitely a magic to autumn that no other season can match.

  12. I love fall too! I don’t like the winter that comes after. What is a Nevada winter like? Ohio winter (though mild last year) is usually between 20-45 degrees. It can include snow, sleet or both. I HATE WINTER WITH A PASSION. The other thing I can’t stand is when it’s dark at 5:30. I always tell myself, I just need to get through January and February. Winter here is pretty around Christmas with all the lights and sometimes snow but then as of January 1st, the lights go away and it’s like total darkness. Wow, I am being a negative troll here. I’ll shut up now.

      1. Wow! Really? Last year was one of our most mild winters. The only time I appreciate the snow is when it gets to be a level 3 or 4 snow emergency, making it illegal (snow emergency 4) to be on the roads. This happens though once in blue moon. I’m shocked to hear you have snow! I’m always imagining Nevadians frollicking in the sun, sun bathing in January!!

        1. You’re thinking of southern Nevada. Haha. Northern Nevada is desert, but we are in a higher elevation than the desert most people think of when they think desert. We are right at the base of the Sierra Nevada mountain range, less than an hour from one of the deepest alpine lakes in the US-Tahoe. I can see pine trees on the mountains when I look west!

  13. “Then label me Basic AF, with a capital Chambray and Chevron.” FUCK YES. I saw at least one other person up there say this too, but what’s so wrong with being basic?! Hell yes, I love crisp air and plaid scarves and decorating my house with pumpkins! I love how you turned around the mood of the post though, too– to why we love fall, how it was ingrained in us. Beautifully said!

    1. I don’t know when being “basic” even became a thing or why it’s bad. I think it was created by unhappy people being unhappy with people enjoying things! I’m glad you enjoyed this one. I really wanted to make that deeper connection, because I truly believe that’s why 99% of people love a season-for the meaningful traditions and memories!!

  14. BOOOOOOOOTS!!!! Bootsbootsbootsbootsbootsboots. Also: boots. We had one coolish day last week, so I immediately broke out a pair, but had to go back to flip flops the next day. Cannot. Wait. For. More. Boots!

  15. I completely agree! I love Autumn! However, in Wyoming, we only get between one and four weeks of it before the snow starts to attack! And then in Florida, there is no such thing! I do love being able to wear sweater dresses without dying and without being judged! It’s a beautiful time of year … minus all the pumpkin/pumpkin spice-flavored things. I’m just not a fan!

    1. Nevada is much the same way. We get a tiny window for autumn and then it’s just winter forever. You are like the 90th person to say you don’t like pumpkin πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. I think really no one likes pumpkin?!

  16. Love autumn. My parents never did any of those things but they allowed us to have awesome Halloweens and that was the first step. It’s just grown from there. I love autumn for all of your other reasons, it’s cool to cover up and be cuddly and sit by the fire and read and coca and just…. yum! Basic AF πŸ˜‰

  17. I’m Autumn’s biggest fan, for sure. I think I have some sort of reverse SAD, where I’m actually miserable all summer long (and spring ain’t that great either, let me tell you) but the crisp fall air rolls in and I can breathe again because my time is coming. The time of pumpkins and colorful leaves (proper colors, flowers be damned) and lovely sweaters and doing whatever I want with my makeup because nobody’s expecting a “natural, sun-kissed glow” when there’s no sun to be had… the sun and I are not on speaking terms anyway, so that glow was always faked, baby. The holidays are better tooβ€”I would happily trade every fourth of July barbeque from now until forever for an extra Halloween or Christmas, or even an extra Thanksgiving.

  18. My favourite season! For all the same reasons! Although as I get older, I’m feeling the chills more. Thermal undie shopping I think 😣😣😣😣

  19. Our Irish summer is probably similar to your Autumn – weatherwise. Unless you spend an hour in the gym, you don’t get to sweat much. πŸ˜‚It’s also common here to have 4 seasons in one day!
    Emigrate! 😁

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