And the Journey Continues…

Today was the 4th time I’ve attended a yoga class in a time frame of less than 5 years. Meaning, I’ve gone every week for a month now. There ought to be some prize for this, I feel quite deserving. 
Last week’s session was rough. I didn’t drink enough water prior, and I forgot, somehow, that I have asthma. Not being able to breathe in yoga is frowned upon. Also, I felt immensely dizzy and just awful. I spent most of my time in child’s pose, seeing squiggly lines, and trying not to puke. 
Today, I drank more water and used my inhaler (what a novel idea) and the difference in my ability was immense. I did not feel lightheaded until the up and down, over and over ridiculousness. I also fend strangely stronger than before. Could be because I haven’t given up after my second attempt, so GO ME. 
I did some yoga research, and I’ve found that feeling dizzy is more common when doing yoga than I previously thought. I would have blamed it on my utter lack of physical ability, but I’m not the only one getting the spins. I hope the dizziness lessens, because passing out in yoga would be the end of my yoga journey, at least at The Studio. I can deal with being the fattest chick there, but being the fattest one there who passes out in a puddle of sweat? Um. No. 
So, my pal, Amy kindly took some very off-center, and highly unattractive photos of me doing some super basic moves. I know one is the Warrior, and one is the Tree. The other one, it could be called Fuck My Life, for all I know. 
I would like to explain why I blurred out my face. It’s because I have a terrifying workout face. It truly needs some work. GAH. I also couldn’t showcase my ugly mug AND my sweaty pits. So, sweaty pits won. Of course, enjoy. Also, don’t laugh too hard. 
 No, my foot is not on the wall, looks like it though. I’m not that bad!  
Thank you, Pinterest and Buzzfeed for the awesome ecard that was totally made for me in mind. 

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