Can I Add This to My Resume?

I am so excited to announce that I have been given the opportunity to write for a local magazine. Never did I think that this would be an opportunity available to me. Sure, in my most wildest dreams, did I wonder, but never did I let it settle in my conscious as something that could be a real possibility. Yet, here I am, announcing this wonderful news.
The magazine is called Bliss Babe, and is a women’s health, beauty, and fitness publication.
You might all be wondering what Fatty McCupcakes could possibly have to do with a fitness, beauty, and health magazine. I mean, have you seen me? Have you read my posts about my baked goods addiction? Have you witnessed my epic yoga failure? Apparently, a lot of women relate to my struggles. Apparently, all women struggle with diet, fitness, and feeling beautiful. They are not just my struggles, they are our struggles.
Now, I need your help. The creator has mentioned that it is possible that some of my existing blog posts could be published in the magazine. With that, I need to know which ones would be the best to be featured in an actual magazine *EEEK*.
Below are three possible categories I could be writing about, with links to blog posts falling under that category. If you are new to following me, or missed some of these, and you need something to do, well…I would be forever grateful if you could check these out. At the end of this post are links to 3 different surveys (I have to upgrade, as in pay to have more than 1 question per survey, so um, no. Sorry).
My Hairy Life
An Ode to Hairy Women
Why You Gotta Be Like That, Carbs?
Be Cool, Alright?
Fat Clap
Free Donut Day
Get Out the Way, Bitch
Whip My Ass Ass
Yoga Farts
21 Minute Survival Challenge
Below, you can find the links to the surveys. If it weren’t for all of the people who read the crazy crap I write, this would not be happening! I would be honored to use your suggestions for what should be featured in the magazine. Thank you all so very much.
Beauty Blog Post Survey
Health Blog Post Survey
Fitness Blog Post Survey
Thank you’s and CUPCAKES!

24 thoughts on “Can I Add This to My Resume?”

  1. Congratulations 🙂 I’m glad I went back and read your posts that I missed. My husband was concerned because I was randomly sitting in silence dying of laughter over “yoga farts.” You are hilarious, as always. I wish your writing would show up in the magazines I read lol

  2. Wow, that’s awesome! Look at you going all legitimate. What’s it like actually getting paid to write stuff that makes you giggle? Dare to dream. I took the surveys and, being relatively new to your blog, went and read many of those posts so I could be an informed surveyist. Good luck! Eh, who needs luck when you got the skills, though.

  3. Congratulations!! I also have the same dilemma with my new magazine job. Decided to get new business cards so that I don’t link the two. I live in Stepford as does the magazine audience so I don’t think they would appreciate my socialism and the sex stuff and the rude stuff. 🙂

      1. I can’t tell you! It is close to Houston, TX but I don’t want to reveal the true location. They were actually trying to film a reality housewives program here. When we arrived from Egypt (a third world country) we had a welcoming video showing the wife standing in the drive awaiting her husband with fresh baked cookies. I said to my husband, “If that every happens, take me to the nearest psychiatric hospital”… I will find your email and tell you the real location. K x

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