Throwback Thursday-Why, Mom? 

My mom recently gave me the school album she created when I first started preschool a bajillion years ago. It chronicles the years from preschool all the way to awkward 8th, with pictures, report cards, letters, and some of my first writing pieces (I wanted to be a teacher, and I didn’t want to grow up because you “hav to do taxs”). I guess she doesn’t want all of those precious, priceless memories anymore. I’m kinda hurt by that, Ma. 
Anyway, I really have no place for the thing at home, so I took it to school. My students were dying to see what I looked like at their age. So, I gave them, what they deem, the most amazing “I’m Done” activity in all the history of “I’m Done” activities. They freaking love it. They love laughing at the fact I got a D in math in 7th grade. They find it amusing I had a problem with pushing my friends in preschool. They think the haircut my mom gave me in 4th grade is just a real laugh riot. It’s too bad they don’t know who Sally Jesse Raphael is, because then the joke would be really funny. 
I’ll quit rambling and get on with my two Throwback Thursday photos I’ve titled, “Why, Mom??”
This is adorable-albeit-awkward-toothed-fabulous-haired-me. I adored my long, thick, Princess Jasmine hair. It was my most prized possession. 
 This is my-mom-was-sick-of-brushing-the-hair-of-a-screaming-crying-8-year-old-who-should-have-grown-some-balls-and-had-her-shit-together-enough-to-brush-her-own-damn-hair-but-she-didn’t-so-instead-she-got-Sally-Jesse-Raphael-hair-fuck-you-too-mom me. 
Can you see the pain and anguish in my eyes?  

36 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday-Why, Mom? ”

  1. Also, why was that dual portrait thing so popular? I have similar childhood photos, and it’s kind of creepy. Just a floating head, looking all like an evil twin! I do love how much you looked like Punky Brewster in that pic though!

  2. “I guess she doesn’t want all of those precious, priceless memories anymore. I’m kinda hurt by that, Ma. ”
    Mine’s doing the same thing, sending me shit as “Christmas gifts” when it’s really just her way of cleaning out her cupboards sans guilt.
    Get over it. Burn the bad photos in effigy. It’s far easier to maintain a selective memory about one’s past if there is no evidence.

    1. me too… not quite that short though, just above the shoulders… but I had huge rats-nest knots in the back that I could never get out myself and it was made all the worse by having super thick hair… I was only allowed to have long hair again once I reached 6th grade or so when I could take care of it myself

  3. Back in the day, Mom had stick-straight hair that was very fine. I was growing a Brillo pad. AND SHE DIDN’T BUY CONDITIONER. I’m with ya on the hair. just add some waves so it doesn’t lay in the same direction on any given day…. (shudder)

      1. Oh I get you… My mom felt that mullets were easier to take care of while I was young… I HATED my hair from about 5-7 or 8 when she finally chopped it off to a regular shoulder length style… prior to that I had little sideburns and short-in-the front like my bangs extended too far back. I beeeegggged my mom to let me change my hair. It took way too long to get her to change it

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