Go 'F' Me?

Happy Hump Day (Wednesday, you sickos). I got some good news yesterday. I guess I won’t muck about dragging out the preamble, so, guess what? I was just awarded Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) in England. This means I am qualified to teach in maintained and non-maintained schools across England. I was also made exempt to serve the statutory induction period. To my American readers, this means that I do not have to go through the probationary period upon landing a job.
Basically, I was freaking excited yesterday, and today I am feeling overwhelmed. This status means nothing more than I am qualified to apply for a teaching job. I still have to apply and then there is the visa issue. The sell-my-car-and-possessions issue. The seriously-am-I-considering-leaving-my-amazing-school?-issue. The this-will-be-expensive-as-crap-issue. The can-I-really-move-abroad-by-myself?-issue.
This is big.
Also, this may not even happen until next year. A whole year. The thing with teaching is that once you commit to teaching a year at a school, and you meet your class, you can’t exactly just up and leave. There are children to consider. Consistency. Doing what is right. So, if this doesn’t happen for this school year, I will have to wait an entire school year to try to make it happen again.
Le sigh. 
In my excitement, I made a Go Fund Me page. I know. To some, this may seem in poor taste. Asking for money is tacky and I am the first one to think, “Come again?” when I see bloggers with the “Go Fund Me” link on their page, so readers can fund their writing. We all would like to be paid for our writing, but that doesn’t mean that we should. Or does it? I am beginning to understand why people ask for donations. Why the hell not?
Stupid people ask for the dumbest shit on Go Fund Me. I would LOVE for someone to pay off all of my irresponsible debt, but that doesn’t mean that anyone should. I would LOVE a pair of Louboutins (actually, no, I wouldn’t. I look like an idiot walking in heels and my feet are in agony after 5 minutes, but you get the point), but people asking for money for expensive heels should maybe just get a freaking job (then they will, maybe, realize that they can pay their rent instead).
However, I am asking for donations to fund my furthering career of teaching the future. I think that is a much more reasonable request than, say, needing money for pizza (although, needing pizza is a very real struggle).
I will make this happen regardless if I get a single donation or not. If I get a donation, I will feel like the luckiest, happiest girl in the world. I will also forever be grateful to whoever feels the need to help support my venture with their money.
With that, I will end with a picture of my editor/life coach/friend’s “Grandma Jeans”. In helping to assure me that I made the right decision with the Go Fund Me, she sent me a picture of her sexy jeans. She said, “Some would call these ‘in poor taste’, but until someone wants to take me on a shopping spree, I am rocking these jeans”. Or, something like that.

Mom Jeans
I was given permission to share these bad boys, don’t you fret.


41 thoughts on “Go 'F' Me?”

  1. Whoop Whoop!
    That is some top notch good news there!!
    Super excited!
    Now you had just better get on with finding a job…..!
    Contact me if you get any interest and I can tell you the kind of place these school is.
    After all, we wouldn’t want you in a dump…. 😉

    1. Hehe! I’m working hard at figuring this out. I’ve applied to several jobs so far, and even heard back from one, just this morning. They are going to see about arranging a Skype interview. I guess I’ll have to figure out Skype! 😬😬😬😜😍

      1. Naw. You’ll be there for forever. Which makes it harder for me to actually meet you one day. But life is full of “who knows”, right? That’s an awesome adventure in front of you. All I gots is a Costco trip over lunch hour.

        1. LOL!! You could always come visit me! I will likely be very lonely and sad without my American peeps! I’m just mentally preparing my future breakdowns. Don’t mind me…

  2. How exciting is that?@!!! My hubs would love to return to his native France, but I am not about to recredential at this late stage of the game. Not to mention the lack-of-pay paycheck. So do it. Just do it. You only live in your existing state once, have nothing to lose and everything to gain from the experience. And I agree with the poster who said that you will never come back…

    1. Hello! I am working on getting the guts to go! I haven’t even gotten a job offer and I’m already freaking out and kind of talking myself out of it. Thank you for the boost, though! I need to be reminded of what you say ☺️

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