The Apartment

OH BOY, GUYS. I thought I was good, but I didn’t realize how hard it was going to be to move into a new apartment without the guy I spent almost five years with. Alone. Just me. 
The night before last I was exhausted, overwhelmed, and a late night trip to Home Depot was necessary. I almost starting crying in the pipe fittings isle. I felt alone, scared, and stressed. 
I feel better off and on. One moment I’m excited for my new makeup table that used to be my entry table, and the next I’m feeling horribly heartbroken that I won’t be tripping over his behemoth shoes anymore (this is craziness, as who would miss this…).
Yesterday, my aunt, mom and good friend  (plus her hubby) helped me move my new bed and couch into my apartment. The presence of loved ones in my new place helped immensely with making it feel more like home. It also helps as I put more and more of my things inside. 
It’ll get better. It just takes time. Time is a bitch, though.
Here is a video I took the night I got my keys. I’ll video again when everything is in place. 

21 thoughts on “The Apartment”

  1. Our minds are …scratch that… MY mind is a terrible place to be, all sorts of clutter in there. I trip on things all the time in there. If you need a remote boyfriend, go to Goodwill and buy me a pair of shoes and I’ll leave them by the door for you to trip over. Shoe size doesn’t matter, I won’t wear them in your house or bug you, except online. I’ll just leave these encouraging love notes on your blog sometimes.
    Welcome home, honey. xoxo

  2. It is a tough adjustment. I remember feeling numb and lost and confused and I had no idea what to do without someone constantly controlling me. Adjusting to being alone was so tough but I promise it gets easier.

    1. Oh, girl! That had to have been hard! My ex and I were both the ones wanting to be in control, so there was a huge power struggle. I hope it gets easier! Thank you! 😘

  3. I hate that you’re going through such a difficult time, BUT your apartment is so cute, and that bathroom is fabulous! It feels like a girl’s apartment, somehow, so maybe it will be helpful to embrace that, and make it as “girly” as you’d like…because you can!

  4. Very cute place. LOVE
    When I first moved out, I locked myself out of the house – WITH my kids. UGH. Went to Home Depot and they helped me find a locksmith…I remember how stressful that was – but later, I installed an opener for my garage door and felt better. Then I cried over not being able to open a jar of salsa…then I got a cat because he was allergic….
    A roller coaster for sure, but this is some good stuff and you have an awesome place to start this ride!
    By the way – Ikea makes a ton of portable closety-type things. Look on craigslist and there will likely be some for cheap/free that you can paint ANY COLOR YOU WANT TO. Which is also fun.

  5. Adjustment are always hard, especially changing something after five years. It will definitely get better. With time, everything does. Warm hugs to you.

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