WTF Wednesday: When Do I Ever Get a Cupcake?

I’ve been deciding it’s high time to get my act together, diet-wise (Want to guess how many times I’ve said that exact statement? Hint- a fuck load). I haven’t quite come down from my vacation eat-everything-I-possibly-can mode. I’ve totally been living the vacation food life sans the walking miles everyday aspect of that life, so the pounds really have the ability to pack on.

Literally me every time food was in front of my fat face on my trip.

I’ve probably gained at least five pounds since I’ve been home. I have no idea, though. My scale is propped behind my bathroom door with two inches of dust on it, because The Boyfriend doesn’t sweep behind the door, if we’re pointing fingers here, AND because I’m Anti-Scale. When my jeans fit again, I’ll know I’ve lost weight.

My blog buddy and sister from another mister, Cinzia, suggested we be diet accountability partners on MyFitnessPal.

Because I love the ever-loving-shit out of Cinzia and because I finally deleted my Weight Watchers app that I’ve been paying $20 a month for for the better part of a year, yet wasn’t even using, I was happy to agree.

We arranged to share each other’s food diary by way of a passcode. Essentially, she was able to see all of the ridiculous shit I put in my mouth and I could see how many pieces of lettuces she ate and miles she ran in a day.

It was great fun. Here is a rundown of some of the things I might have said to her about her diet:

“Wow. No dessert again. You’re doing that everyday now? Is that a thing?”

“You ran five miles? Are those the same kind of miles we have over here in the states?”


Now, here are some things she probably said (I can’t be certain. People say a lot of things to me everyday. So…):

“Girl, did you really eat a donut for breakfast on the first day of tracking?”

“You did so good all day. Well, except somewhere around ‘Taco Bell Nachos and Large DQ Cookie Dough Blizzard’.


“What exactly does ‘small bite of entire Cheesecake Factory Chocolate Hazelnut Crunch cheesecake’ mean?”

Basically, I’m utterly failing.

Here’s the deal, and I’m just gonna be real forthright and candid with ya’ll.

When do I ever get a cupcake, though?

With MyFitnessPal, you get the calories you get and you don’t throw a fit (Except, I did throw a fit. I threw a full blown fatty fit, complete with legit crying over not getting to eat a chocolate cream pie * ever again).

This is why these kinds of diets and eating plans don’t work with me. I need to know that eventually I can have a cheat fry or two. Or, that the cupcake I inhaled on one of my students’ birthdays doesn’t mean my entire diet for the day/week/month is derailed.

I need some wiggle room, ya’ll.

I’ve mentioned quite a few times the success I had on Weight Watchers (like, 50 pound-weight-loss-success).

This is why:

You get extra weekly points.

This may sound like an excuse to eat what you shouldn’t on a “diet”, but hear me out…

If you strictly follow your daily allotted points, your weekly points don’t hurt your progress.

They don’t make hurt your progress, ya’ll.

As long as you track and don’t go balls to the wall insane, you can lose weight while enjoying the occasional french fry or 20 or the odd cupcake or three.

So, what I’m really saying is restrictive af diets aren’t my jam and life is way too sucky to not eat cupcakes.

I mean, right?

So, if you’re reading this, and I kinda think you are, I have a question for you, Cinzia…

Will you be my Weight Watchers Girl Friend?

I totally will only be a little sad if you want to stay with MyFitnessPal since he’s done a body good. I just don’t think he’s that into me and I miss my cupcake points.

Now, I just need to find the willpower to sign back up with Weight Watchers and count my points without cheating, and I’ll be on the right track to losing this is-she-preggers-or-just-fat belly.

The struggle is real, folks.

What diets or food plans have worked for you and if you say paleo or keto totally works without cheating ever, I want your proof! For realz, show me it’s doable and I’ll maybe consider it…

*whispers* No, I won’t.

56 thoughts on “WTF Wednesday: When Do I Ever Get a Cupcake?”

  1. I had a lot of luck with the 21 day fix. I liked having the little containers to measure my food. The “diet” itself, really isn’t a diet, it’s just the way you should eat on a daily basis. So, after the 21 days I continued it, but just added a dessert each day…a more moderate dessert than I had been allowing myself before. I have been thinking about starting back on this plan since my will power is gone here in Germany, the land of bakeries on every freaking corner….. I need to reduce my sugar again, I am such a sugar fiend!

    1. I think that’s an eating plan I could get behind, because it puts the emphasis on portion control. I might need to look more into this!

      I don’t know how you do it in Europe. If I lived there, I’d be 400 pounds in no time!

        1. I SWEAR that’s why I didn’t gain any weight on my trip! We walked SO much that it just balanced out.

  2. Haha great post! Dieting is the actual devil – have you considered using My Fitness Pal 6 days a week and then just having a cheat day? I find if I know that the delicious food will be available to me on my chosen day of the week, it’s much much easier to say no things. The waiting almost makes it better too.

    1. Pretty much that’s what I’d do with Weight Watchers. I’d save all of my extra points for the weekend. BUT, I’d still have to track and not go over the extra. It kept me reigned in. If I just give myself a cheat day with no boundaries, it’d be utter chaos and then getting back into tracking the next day would be next to impossible 😩😩😩

      1. Haha that’s fair enough, you obviously know what works for you! Research shows that a binge isn’t all that bad for you (in terms of weight loss) because it keeps your body guessing. You’re welcome 😂

        1. Oooh. That so makes sense! When I was feeling like I was plateauing with WW, I’d go crazy at my favorite restaurant and it’d fire up my losing again!! 🙌🏻

  3. Okies so in the last year and a half of working with my kidlets (omg my iPhone corrected to killers – is it trying to tell me something?!) I’ve lost about 40lbs. My trick: eating less and exercising more. Like if you want a cupcake, have the freaking cupcake girl! Just eat one not 4 (mmmm 4 cupcakes!) or if you want some chips have a small bowl not the whole bag (seriously in one sitting is eat the whole bag!) stop eating by 7pm. That’s my “diet”. It also helps if you have to carry a sleeping child up 4 flights of stairs and she weighs 70lbs haha resistance training!! But conventional diets are not for me. I like to break rules too much – like having a weekend where all I do is sit on my couch wallowing and eating pizza and chips and drinking soda. Like I did this weekend cos you know how upset I was lol

    1. I completely, 100% agree with you! I think it’s ALLLLL about portion control. I fully believe you can eat anything within reason! That’s one of my biggest problems- I eat too much of the good stuff. If I could cut my consumption down, I’d be good.

      Yes, I like to break the rules too and I hope you ate real good this past weekend, girl! 😘😘

      1. Portion control!! Lol you got this!

        And I actually didn’t do too horribly with the eating. Just lots of salty snacks while I wallowed on my sofa haha even went for a run Saturday so that balanced it out, right?

        1. That’s so awesome you’re running. For an incredibly brief period of time, I thought I could be a runner but it was just too hard 🤣 and killed my knee. Keep it up, girl!

          1. I’m afraid it’s gonna kill my knees too so I’m taking it easy, but I’m hoping that I’ll be able to get out more and for longer distances too. Did you see all the cute shirts I posted yesterday? If I had all of them I would run more hehe

  4. I used MyFitnessPal with my FitBit and intermittent fasting and lost 20lbs before my wedding (over a course of 8ish months). I think MyFitnessPal works best with an exercise routine. If you’re just using it for tracking, there is nothing to keep you accountable to eat well or even log proper numbers. I got really excited to log my food for the day, hit the gym, and then see how many calories I had left. If I had a decent amount left, I would ‘cheat’ and get a milkshake or eat 6 Oreos instead of consuming my go-to almond milk with lite chocolate syrup.

    With that said, everyone is different. It sounds like you know what works for you, so you should just keep at it. Good luck my friend!

    1. The Weight Watchers app lets you connect to your FitBit too!! When you exercise, you get extra points. It sounds counterproductive, but it works, somehow.

      That’s really awesome you were so successful on MyFitnessPal. I think my real issue is dedication and motivation. I have zero 🤣😭😭😭

      1. Yeah… since getting married, I’ve been to the gym 3 times. The wedding was obviously my motivation, so I’ve gotta come up with something else to get my ass to the gym. Damn it.

  5. You are so funny, I really enjoy your posts !

    That being said : Screw diets. It’s crap, plus a money trap. Screw the 21 days whatever, the keto shitadoodle, and the Weight Watcher cult.

    With diets, all o them, you always gain the weight back, plus a little extra for your efforts, OR you get sick from deprivation.

    FORGET diets.

    Keep on walking, and keep on writing.

    1. Lol!! This made me laugh! Thank you! I agree, for the most part, they are all a money-making scheme. I really do need to get my butt walking, and if I could eat just a few less cupcakes, I’d probably be a 7 🤣🤣

  6. Cinzia is a star! You’re both stars, you’ve got this girl!

    Weight watchers sounds blooming pricey! Can you keep going on the MyFitnessPal, but add in cheats that you know will work for you? Like the teeny cupcake at the bottom of your posts when you scroll. It’s perfect cheat-size!!

    I guess if you can build up some muscle, that’d help too. As then your body will burn more, even when you’re sitting chilling. 😀

    1. She’s the best!

      It’s pretty pricey for the app. When I first did it, it was still the OG system. My sister sent me the book and calculator and I paid nothing to do the program. I miss those days 😭🤣.

      I definitely need to build up my flabby muscles 😂😂🤣🤣😩

  7. here’s what I will say to you…every reasonable diet I have ever read, advocates for cheat days/meals. Even Keto talks about how carbing up will actually help you lose more weight. Now different versions of Keto have different ideas about cheating. I think you just need to find what works for you. For me cheating once a week works, and one meal, not the whole day. Less than that and I go all less is better side of my eating disorder, which has major health repercussions for me. More than that and I go all let’s eat everything side of my eating disorder, which also has major health repercussions for me. LOL
    You’re losing weight to live a bigger life right? Not a smaller one.

    1. Great point- losing weight to live a bigger life! I really think that cheating is essential to life, man!

  8. I love your blog! I was afraid I’d lost you as a Follower! Did I? It’s funny that both our blogs are about the same subject. Although, mine isn’t about losing weight, just getting healthier.

  9. The only time I’ve lost weight and kept it off was when I just ate sensible meals that were reasonable portions and if I ate something bad, like a cupcake, I had one and didn’t go batshit crazy with it. Also, I made sure I exercised more, even if it was only walking stairs, parking further away from the stores, etc. Just making good decisions is the only thing that worked for me. *shrugs* There was the time I had a Fundic polyp and couldn’t eat hardly anything for four months and I really lost a lot of weight on that, too–but I wouldn’t recommend it.

    1. This makes SO MUCH sense. It’s really the “cure” and all these insane diets are just…well, INSANE.

      What is a Fundic polyp??!

  10. I use MyFitnessPal to track micronutrients. I need to monitor my sodium intake because of my blood pressure. If I didn’t need to do that, I would never have gone back to the damn thing. When you add a food, it pops up with, “This has 56 grams of sugar. Your daily goal is 70 grams of sugar. You fat fuck.” It doesn’t actually say “You fat fuck,” but it’s so obviously implied. Like, I’m thirty years old and I will eat as many donuts as I fkn want to and no digital bullshit on my phone is going to make me feel bad about it.

    And what even is life without cupcakes, anyway?

  11. I’m with you. I’ve gotta do something. Weight Watchers totally worked for me…but in my mid 30’s. When I tried it last year at 40 I was doing the thing I always make fun of others for doing: not claiming points or totally lieing to myself. What I thought I would gain was beyond me. I’m thinking about hoping on Weight Watchers again but being hungry just hurts and I don’t want to hurt. You know? Hunger to me is painful. I can’t think about anything else or do anything else with pleasure. Just sucks.

    1. Hunger TOTALLY hurts, man! It’s the damn worst! I’m worried that why WW worked was that I was in my 20s and had a faster metabolism. But, I was recently doing the same thing as you this last time- I wasn’t claiming points or I was eye-balling portion sizes. “Oh, that’s totally a cup. Maybe it’s even less than a cup. Let’s add some more.” It was probably three cups 🤣😩😩

      1. I was so disappointed bc my latte and granola bar would take half my points. Then I lost a few points bc I became older which is bull shit bc they must think I’m going to be hunched over crossword puzzles all day, not burning fuel.

        1. Oh LORDY. They took up HALF of your points?! Eek. That’s cray. How many points do you get if you don’t mind me asking?

  12. Weirdly, I’ve figured I can leave a comment & like if I access a blog via Facebook rather than directly accessing it on WordPress! Anyway, mate, restrictive diets never ever work. We all deserve a treat and we all deserve to enjoy it with zero guilt. After I had my daughter, I went up 3 dress sizes. I did Slimming World. Not sure if you have it over there, but it worked well for me. You could still eat lots on it. Ultimately, if you’re burning more calories than you’re eating then you’re going to lose weight.

    1. I’ve had that same issue too- only being successful via Facebook. So weird!

      I’ve heard of Slimming World and I think it’s A LOT like Weight Watchers! I truly think it’s not necessarily what you eat, but how much.

  13. Hi there is the healthy eating life change diet.. eat sensibly, watch your portion sizes. You can have cup cakes but not every day. It is everything in moderation. Have a think about all the extra snacks you have during the day, maybe consider the pies- pastry is not a friend, though very yummy like chocolate and ice cream and all those other treats. Try and eat healthy, for life, but have your treats in moderation. Also if you can, build up your activity and exercise. I’ve never done weight watchers but I can imagine it is a headache constantly watching your points. Good luck with it? And good post.

    1. Thanks for commenting! Strangely, I feel more in control when I track my points. It can take time, but it keeps me accountable! Thanks ☺️

  14. My husband and I incorporated Sugarbusters into our world in 1997. He remains the only member of his family not diabetic and has maintained a healthy stable weight since. This teaches you how to eat generally for life. A wonderful program that does not promote denial of treats.

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