Class Pet

Since my last post was a rant, I thought I would start my (and your) Monday off on a positive note. I’ve been dying to share our class “pet” with all of my readers. 
So, before I get into how our class “pet” came to be, I have to share how comical my mother is. She knows (along with anyone else who knows me) that I’ve been wanting a dog of my own. At the ripe-old-age of 32, I finally feel grown up enough to take care of another living being. Only problem? Our landlord is strictly against pets. Moving is expensive, so the dream continues. 
Well, on to my mom…she bought me a ceramic bull dog and said he could be my makeshift pet. She even said I could name him, buy him a bed, the whole shamoly. HAR HAR. 
So, I thought it would be a great idea to take him to my classroom to serve as a class pet. I was apprehensive as you never know how 3rd graders will react. One day they’re innocent little darlings who (gratefully) don’t think it’s gross to learn that mammals nurse their babies (boobs, GROSS). Yet, the next day they are too cool for school and you catch them dropping the F Bomb. It’s a crapshoot. 
Well, they love him. They named him Messy and they fight over who gets to sit by him.
My mom comes in to volunteer and they were so excited to show her their new pet. My mom, who was humoring them, said, “Well, I bet he’s a really good boy, since he just sleeps all the time”. 
One boy responds, “He’s just pretending, Grandma Judy!
They are still sweet babies. Praise the Lord!