Teacher Humor

After my, quite, heated teacher post, I thought I would lighten it up with some awesome teacher humor. These legit had me LOL’ing. If you don’t laugh, you’ll cry.

Seriously. SERIOUSLY.

My stapler. Don’t.touch.my.stapler.

How can you be talking during my, extremely interesting, impassioned, discussion about the inequality of social class structure in ancient Rome. THIS SHOULD INTEREST YOU.

michael scott
I almost spit my coffee all over my desk and my observation write-up over this. OMG.

sitting at my desk
Every.damn.time. I SERIOUSLY only sit down at my desk for a millisecond a day, but admin chooses to walk in at that time. Of fucking course.

the look
My face almost all day, errrday.

hey girl
Every quarter…

True life.

Check out my humor board on Pinterest. When I am having a craptastic day, I will revisit how funny I am on Pinterest (har har).
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12 thoughts on “Teacher Humor”

  1. That’s funny. The Samuel L. Jackson one caught me off guard and made me snort. By the way, does anyone call him “Sammy”? By the other way, what’s the harm in sitting at your desk? By the by the way, you should probably report those students who grab stuff off your desk without asking as sociopaths. Who does that? Creeps, that’s who.

    1. Well, it’s generally frowned upon to sit at your desk when you should be teaching 😜 EVERY year I have some kid who seems to think what’s mine is yours. Um no, friend, no.

  2. The Steve Carrel one made me laugh. ‘I’ll kill you’ hahah. I’m not a teacher, but I can still relate. Mainly because I was that terrible kid being annoying at an assembly, or not paying attention and having to ask ten times for directions. I was terrible. I don’t know how you guys handle it. lol. Y’all deserve a free lifetime supply of cookies or something. Or, in your case, CUPCAKES

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