A Fatty's Dream-LuLaRoe

You guys! Have ya’ll heard of LuLaRoe yet? If not, you’re super late to the Fatty Pants Party! 
I am not crazy, therefore, I do not sell LuLaRoe (I personally know almost all of the consultants I buy from, and they are all lovely ladies. They are not really crazy at all, other than the fact that they actively choose to sell clothes to cerifiably crazy women, i.e., MOI). So, this is not a paid review or any of that shite. 
I’m just genuinely obsessed. 
What I like most about LuLaRoe is the fact that I now wear leggings seven days a week. That’s all the days, yo.
The day my principal walked into my classroom donning unicorn LuLaRoe leggings, it was game on. 
I don’t even know what jeans are anymore. Since discovering the obsession-worthy patterns and unreal buttery softness of LLR leggings, I refuse to wear anything that constricts my fat and makes me breathless when I lean over to tie my shoes. 
No more, jeans! No.more. 
Not only have the leggings replaced all other leg coverings I used to wear, the other styles LuLaRoe offers are MAGIC FOR FATTIES.
I currently own eight pairs of leggings (waiting on a pair I just bought today). I also own seven other pieces that aren’t leggings. This is my favorite skirt of all time:

I’m a cheapskate. So, for me to buy clothing that starts at $25 a piece, LLR must be pretty magical. 
Maybe I’m delusional, and I really look like Bertha the elephant clad in seafoam and gray arrows. Or… I LOOK FUCKING AMAZING! 

Here I am in my striped Carly and my super sweet cassette tape leggings (the boyfriend calls these the “Cosby sweater ones” πŸ˜‚).

For OBVIOUS reasons I HAD to have these!

Yes, I walk out of the house with these wild things on.

It was hard to capture the true green of the shirt. I really do know how to match. I promise!

This was me limbering up for Thanksgiving. In LuLaRoe, of course #duh.

I really ought to be working for LuLaRoe’s advertising department. This crazy town collage was to show how utterly stretchy and giving the leggings are. They also don’t look too bad on my second butt. Winning!

Dudes, I even voted in my LLR! I like to stray away from the norm, and I felt there were already too many face selfies with the ubiquitous “I voted” sticker.

Treatin my babies right πŸ‘

My fat loves my LuLaRoe. Since I stopped trying to suck my fat into too tight jeans, I’ve been surprisingly happier and more relaxed. Everyone who knows me in real life ought to stop hating and be thankful my new obsession benefits those around me. 
You’re welcome. 
#leggingsarelife #leggingsarepants #yestheyareasshole

27 thoughts on “A Fatty's Dream-LuLaRoe”

  1. I too am obsessed miss!! I even watch a live show every Thursday that my crazy sales lady does. I can’t get enough so I am hosting a pop up in January! I will send you an invite via your mom

  2. You know, I had casually heard the name LuLaRoe, but until reading this I had no idea what all they sold! So this is one of those deals you can only get through consultants?
    ALL of your outfits look FAB!!! But I am partial to the first one — I’m a sucker for navy and white horizontal stripes, and that dress is to die for. I may just have to get that dress and totally be a copy cat. πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks, lady! Yes, it’s only through consultants. The catch with it (and how they rope so many women in) is that they only make so many of every print. So, out of all the consultants I follow on FB, one of them may get a pattern I’m dying for at the moment. Sadly, it’d be a search if you wanted that same dress 😩. It’s like a dopamine rush when you get a print you can’t live without, knowing most of the people you know won’t be getting the same one as you πŸ‘!

  3. OK, I love the leggings by Pink Republic at Kohl’s…super soft. Second – have you googled LuLaroe Fails? Some hilarity in not paying attention to print matching…. πŸ˜‰

          1. 30% off and discount certificates! On Black Friday they sent both me and the hubs $10 off $10 or more for Thanksgiving only. I took ’em both and waited in line twice. LOL #addict

          2. DAMN! I’m currently pissed off at Kohl’s. You can’t use coupons on Converse and the day I found that lovely fact out, they were not giving out Kohl’s Cash. Fuckers.

  4. I do not believe you are fat. But I like your blog title and fashion sense.
    Yoy can thank Blair, The Thankful Sheep for sharing your post and getting you a new follower. …ME

  5. Ok…so at what point does the LLR look worse than you think? Because, you girl, at beautifully not fat. You are my goal weight! Ha!
    Seriously, I feel like I’m in a place of ‘what I *think* I look like in my lula’ vs ‘what I actually look like’. I wish there was a poll. What’s the tap-out for big girls in lula?

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