Christmas Puke

Dudes, it’s Christmastime! I thought I would announce that in case some of you were still not aware.
freaking love Christmas! 
I decorate errything with Christmas-Christmas hand towels, Christmas candles, Christmas kitchen utensils and tools, Christmas blankets and pillows, Christmas soap, and even Christmas underwear.
I am Christmas AF.
Don’t mistake my penchant for Christmas-ing everything to mean that any Christmas decor will do.
I have standards.
Most of my decor is either vintage-inspired cool or new, funky, and simple. The only cheese factor involves my ornaments. I have been collecting ornaments since before I was born, thanks to my parents. No matter how cheesy they are, they are forever included on my Christmas tree. Some may have a permanent place on the back of the tree, but, dammit, they are never being donated. 
Because everyone simply loves checking out random people’s Christmas decor, I thought I’d share some of my favorite spaces in my home. 
Before I forget, “Christmas Puke” is what my boyfriend calls any and all Christmas decor. He can’t even when I’m constantly bringing home more ornaments or gift wrapping essentials after he’s expressed that he thinks we have just enough Christmas crap. Ha! Like that’s even possible! 

Simple, way too many ornaments, full of memories-just the way I like it.

I got this little dude when I was five.

My aunt bought me this angel. It says, “‘Tis a gift to teach” and it’s one of my favorites!

The first year I was at my current school, my principal was my Secret Santa and this was one of my gifts. I leave it out all year long!

This should say, “Queen for Always”. I love Mary Engelbreit!

I love how the lights shine through this one. It reminds me of good ol’ Londontown.

A work pal got me this one this year! It’s so cute!

And I also got this one from a work colleague! My peeps know me well!!

I’ve gotta have a little skull action with my Noel.

I think sugar skulls go with candy cane candles quite well!

I have the matching “nice” towel, but that wouldn’t be very accurate. Excuse my wrinkly towels. How embarrassing!

Christmas cheese knives that I’ve never used, but I put out every year, religiously, because duh.

I don’t ever use them. They just sit there looking vintage-y.

Even my Scentsy gets Christmasfied!

Gotta have a little cheer everywhere!

This is an essential must-have every year. I also have a Christmas hand soap at every sink, but I felt pictures of those was overkill.

Christmas af

I hope ya’ll are enjoying the best time of the year. I know I am. I love listening to Christmas music as I curl up in my Christmas blanket and eat an entire tin of shortbread cookies. It’s practically a tradition! 
Merry Happy Holidays Time! 

31 thoughts on “Christmas Puke”

  1. I love all your Christmas stuff!! It’s awesome πŸ˜€ I actually saw some Christmas cheese knives last week and I had to force myself to walk away. I love buying all that kind of stuff lol

      1. I think the Christmas things just bring joy! The cheese knives, i went through a phase where I always took spreadable cheese and crackers for lunch when i was a supply teacher. And i only had my moms Christmas cheese knife and could never find another one so now when i see them im like “I NEED!!!” haha

  2. I’d totally steal your post idea and share pics of my Christmas decor except we are in the middle of moving so all my normal decor is packed away πŸ˜” so sad… thought the majority of my stuff relates to bears – even have a teddy bear angel tree topper! – because that was the theme my Grandmother chose when buying me an ornament every year until I was 21. I branch out past bears as well (love snow flake and of course Scandinavian style stuff as well) but bears pretty much dominate πŸ˜‚ ah well maybe I’ll post next year

      1. Yay teddies! As I’ve gotten older and bought more my own stuff I’ve started more with the mountain black bears etc I also like the mooses and deers so I can kind of match up some decor without it being all bears… lest I look like the crazy bear lady πŸ˜‚

          1. There’s one in every town… every town I’ve lived in anyway… waaaiiit a miiinute… πŸ˜‚ lol just kidding! I’m not THAT bad with the bears! 🐻🐻🐻🐻🐻🐻

  3. I love that little angel ornament, and the Christmas mugs. I have a mug problem, which was exacerbated when I worked at TJ Maxx because they were so cheap! We got this Santa Claus mug that says Merry Christmas in red all over it. The background is green, and Santa’s face is plastered across the front. We’ve had the mug for years. I plan on stealing it when I have enough money to move out.

    1. You worked at TJ Maxx?! 😍 I don’t have enough willpower to work there. I’d legit spend all of my paycheck there every week. Hey…now, that’s an idea πŸ˜‚πŸ˜œ That mug sounds so cute!!!

  4. I am so flipping jealous of your Christmas spirit!! Did you make those glittery wine bottles? If so can you post a DIY tutorial? I’m with you – I love cheesy old ornaments. Like, someday it would be nice to have a sleek symmetrical perfectly monochromatic Martha Stewart-esque tree, but for now I love my tacky, cheesy, hodgepodge tree. πŸ˜ŠπŸŽ„

    1. Actually my cousin made them! She said all she did was use stick on letters and then sprayed the bottle with glitter glue spray! They were really fun to get! When I have a bigger place my plan is to have two trees- a themed one and one that has all of my ornaments I’ve kept through the years ☺️

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