Social Media Monday 

Hey, All. 
Social Media Monday is probably not a thing, but Imma make it a thing. 
So, this’ll be a wham bam thank ya ma’am type of post. Below are links to the social media that I use the most. If you’re so inclined, you could follow or ‘like’. 
Please and thank you. 

28 thoughts on “Social Media Monday ”

          1. …I literally have three LLR packages on the way and another invoice in my inbox right now…. I need to sit on my hands for awhile again!! I’m TRYING to be good and not spend all the money! 😂

          2. I did a Skype party and and online party in one week once – got a good handful of free stuff! If you do an online one feel free to invite my Rae Cotton FB and I’ll peruse it 😉

          3. I liked your blog page one under my real name awhile back and my blog name today. Real name is best… I can try to find your main one and send a message if that’s easier to find me 😛

  1. Today I wore my very first LuLuRoe product! A freind gave me a Jenny? that’s the dress, right? to celebrate my One Year Cancer Freeverasry.. I talked about you all day. I kept picturing your birthday heart leggings. The dress is super comfy and cozy. My co-worker Scott said that when I put on my sweatshirt (I was cold all day) I looked like someone who was running out to check the mail in my pj’s. Plllltttt!!

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