Flashback Friday: Sudden Summer Shame

Happy Flashback Friday! 
I just realized that some of my newer readers might not know that I used to write for the U.K.-based online magazine, Shopper Lottie. It got to be a little much on top of working and coming up with content for my blog, because the Shopper Lottie content had to be original and not previously published. I guess I’m really not the writing machine that I would like to be. Still, it was a really awesome experience, and I still adore the magazine creator, Charlotte. 
Since it’s almost summer break, I thought I’d share a post I wrote for Shopper Lottie about that fun realization when you’re super not summer body ready. 
Let me know what you think in the comments! 
Six Summer Fashion Tips For When You “Forgot” to Get That Summer Bod

21 thoughts on “Flashback Friday: Sudden Summer Shame”

  1. Love it! After my surgery I had to wear spanx to keep the swelling down in my hip. It was great because I always looked svelte, but it sucked because holy shit those things are hot as fuck!! I still have them, but I’ve put on a few lbs. since I last wore them. I don’t even know if I could get them over my calves.

  2. This summer is gonna get whatever damn body I give it! I’ve learned that I have chub rub no matter how many squats I did in the days, er, months leading up to summer so I’ve decided to embrace my non-thigh gap and focus on gracefully leaving a seat and obscuring the tiny sweat puddle from whoever I’m with until it dries…

  3. Yes! After baby number two, I totally threw in the towel. I love your stuff. Gives me a good laugh thank you!

  4. I always thought that having thighs which rub together was useful…a brisk walk, and the resultant rash is hot enough that you can light things on fire.
    I suspect I’d have been popular at camp-outs, if I didn’t consider ‘roughing it’ to be an air-conditioned hotel complex withOUT an attached (indoor) pool.

  5. Ha! Short shorts are my frenemies. Long ones look ridiculous on me, but too short and we have problems.

  6. hehehe love this! I’m a year-round believer in the ELBOW and UP philosophy already, but now I have the backing of an authority figure such as yourself. Rock on!

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