The Cupcake Incident: Flasback Friday

For Flashback Friday, I thought I’d share one of the first posts I wrote when I first started this blog. I think it got a measly two likes. It’s pretty much terrible, but it’s so incredibly accurate when it comes to my best friend, Cupcake and I. 
The back story behind this little exchange is that I was attempting to diet, and I was in the I’m-so-starving-I’d-lick-the-remnants-from-a-chocolate-wrapper-found-in-the-garbage-yeah-I’m-serious-so-fuck-you-and-your-judgy-eyes stage. 
I’d asked my teacher friend and classroom neighbor to help me resist the myriad treat situations that occur constantly at our school (really, any school, anywhere)
She was also “dieting”. 
Two weakling, enablers trying to help each other diet. 
It was comical. 
Also, she had no idea the extent of my gluttony, or that I could sniff out a cupcake from three miles away. 
Without further ado: The Cupcake Incident
Sitting at desk. The whiff of cupcake starts wafting in from room next door.
Phone call is urgent, sweaty palms.
Child: “This is Ms. S’s room. How may I help you?”
Me: “Well, aren’t you just the most professional-sounding 3rd grader I’ve ever heard. May I speak with Ms. S?”
No response. Phone is dropped on table. 
Ms. S: “This is Ms. S…”
Me: (whisper voice, barely audible) “Cupcake? I smell.”
Ms. Silver: “Uh, this is Ms. S. Hello?”
Me: (slightly more audible) “Birthday cupcake? Cupcake?”
Ms. S: “I don’t know who this is. I don’t have cupcakes. You are mistaken. Good day.”
Me: (yelling voice) “You know who this is, and I want CUPCAKE!”
Running for the door just as a darling child delivers very roughed-up cupcake. 
Cupcake nonetheless. 
Drool is now escaping. 
Ms. S appears at door, tries to intercept, unsuccessfully. 
Cupcake frosting already entering mouth. 
Ms. S (the bitch) tries to swat frosting out of mouth. 
Instead of cupcake, the smell of revenge is now pungent. 
Ms. S is more elderly, thus, escape successful. 
Entire cupcake is lodged in mouth.
Exchange ends with both Ms. S and culprit crouching over frosting remnants on tray, greedily licking fingers. Animals. 
*It is necessary to note that no child was injured in cupcake incident. Nor were children present during bloody exchange. They were outside getting exercise, like civilized human beings.

40 thoughts on “The Cupcake Incident: Flasback Friday”

          1. So I got a couple packs of mini cupcakes… I know… I KNOW… but I figure if I freeze some mini ones I’ll have cupcakes WHENEVER I WANT! No prep necessary and quick defrost time! lol

  1. I respect the self-control you demonstrated by calling the room first rather than appearing and taking the cupcake unannounced. Well done.

  2. Well it’s hysterical now for sure! I know because I am currently fighting my own cupcake battle because I made them for the office and refuse to eat one!

    1. OMG!! You’ve just given me a great crafting idea! I’m going to make a picture box that says, “Break Glass in Case of Emergency” and inside will be a cupcake!!!

  3. I think you did just need to find your audience… Although Ms S sounds like a star for attempting to resist you!!
    For a moment I thought the story was going to go in the direction of you’d got the wrong number, so we’re screaming cupcake at the wrong person! I was cringing just in case that might happen…

  4. How long have you been blogging? An excellent first piece– you would have pulled me in immediately (which, I think you did the first time I read one of your posts, but whatever). I adore you and your creepy phone call-cupcake craving ways.

    1. My “creepy-phone-call-cupcake-craving-ways” YASSS πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚! I’m glad we’re following each other. You’re a girl after my own heart for sure! I’ve been blogging two years and a handful of months! I actually started my first blog way back in 2009, but we won’t talk about that one πŸ˜‚πŸ˜©

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