For Shame, Fatty: The Annual Bloggers Bash Awards

Yesterday, the Annual Bloggers Bash Awards nominations were announced, and I legit had to take a Xanax before bed, because I was so keyed-up and excited. Not only was I nominated in the category for Funniest Blogger, but so many of my fabulous blogger friends were also nominated in the various categories. The excitement was palpable. It was electric-I could feel it through my phone as I checked various social media outlets for all of the posts about the nominations.
I am over the moon. The nomination in itself is enough for me to be happy for the foreseeable future, but I’d be lying if I said I wouldn’t love to be “crowned” the Funniest Blogger.
To make things easier for anyone potentially checking out my material, I thought I’d link to some of the posts I had the most fun writing and sharing with my readers.
Without further ado…
Because you need to know who I am:

It’s All About Yours Truly
I Was An Asshole
You also need to know that I fail at adulting and embarrass myself a lot:
Toilet Talk
Yoga Farts
Aerial Antics
Poop Happens
Additionally, I am still in love with Jeff Goldblum, 22 years later:
I Heart Jeff Goldblum
I’m a hairy mofo, to boot:
My Hairy Life
An Ode to Hairy Women
You should know about my fitness and healthy eating fails, as well:
Cup O’ Crack
21 Minute Survival Challenge
These Hiking Boots Were Made For Quittin’
The Leggings Spread

Finally, some WTF Family Stories:
My 13th Birthday
Felony Stop

You probably need the link to vote, huh? I almost forgot that pertinent detail in all of my excitement. You can check out the categories, nominees, and VOTE HERE!
Below are some of my super talented blogger friends who have been nominated in the other categories. Please check them out and don’t forget to vote! (Choosing who to vote for in these categories is going to be some of the hardest decisions I’ll ever have to make. I literally love you all!)
Best Overall Blogger
Gin & Lemonade
A Brummie Home and Abroad
But I Smile Anyway
I’m Sick and So Are You
Most Inspirational Blogger
Unfold and Begin
You Are Awesome
Most Informative Blogger
An Historian About Town
Global Housesitter X2
Best Book Review Blog
Lisa’s Ramblings
Services to Bloggers
Em Linthorpe
Hidden Gem
A Mindful Traveler
Deb’s World
Unbound Roots
Newcomer Blogger
Losing the Plot
Best Pal
The Wandering Darlings
From Michigan to Germany
A Walk and a Lark
Just Another Blog From a Woman
Fancy Paper
And, best of luck to my fellow funny pals! You make me laugh, and I love you!
Hot Mess Memoir
Midlife Smarts
Judy E Martin
Lutheranliar Looks at Life
I am so sorry if I missed your link. There are so many amazing bloggers to consider that my head is spinning!

75 thoughts on “For Shame, Fatty: The Annual Bloggers Bash Awards”

  1. I’ve just read your Jeff Goldblum post. Never laughed so hard. I hope you don’t mind but I’ve tweeted Mr Goldblum and asked him to send you some Twitter love! 😀

    1. LOL!!!! I’m so glad you laugh, even though you’re laughing like an idiot at your desk by yourself 😂😂. There’s a link in the post. It’s where I said “HERE”. It should look blue or another color other than black. I’ll have to make it more obvious, because I made it a little too obscure. THANK YOU for your support!! ❤️❤️

      1. I really don’t mind babes…to laugh is medicine for the soul. So you should actually be called Dr Fattymccupcakes😉 Best wishes and congrats with the Awards😙

  2. Congrats!!! My husband thinks I am a nutter for being SO excited about getting nominated. I showed him the amazing blogs in my category, and was like”Look at these blogs!! I have been nominated with these people!!!” He still didnt get it. But, am thrilled!!

    1. My boyfriend is the same way 😂😂. He does not understand the blogging world, or social media AT ALL. He supports me, but he thinks it’s all pretty silly 😜

  3. I think we have really similar blog friends. This is almost exactly like the list I made on FB. There are sooo many good bloggers to vote for! 🙂 🙂 🙂 Your award is a no brainer though.
    I felt the same way as you, although we’re both in categories with SUCH funny and friendly people! Could everyone please be slightly less amazing in the best pals category so that I’ll have a chance!?

    1. Yes, I think we do have the same fab blogger friends! I loved your idea, so I had to link to all of you too! I hope you don’t mind. Your category is literally KILLING ME!! I had no idea so many of my favs would be nominated for that particular one!!

      1. Don’t worry! I feel the same, when I saw who was involved I was like ‘nooooo they are all so blooming lovely!!’ 😉

  4. Congratulations funny lady 🙂 this is an amazing bunch of bloggers right there!! Thank you for the shout out too x I tried to do that in my post and got freaked sbout leaving people out!! You did a top job though 😎

  5. Congratulations funny lady 🙂 this is an amazing bunch of bloggers right there!! Thank you for the shout out too x I tried to do that in my post and got freaked about leaving people out!! You did a top job though 😎

  6. of course I voted for you. Noticed a few other folks I adore on various other lists so voted for them too. Look at that, your shameless self promotion helped others. Balancing that karma. LOL

  7. Katie, you are amazing! And, you certainly deserve the nomination. Congratulations on all of your success. I love you and your crazy words. Thanks so very much for the mention. xx

  8. You and Actual Conversations With My Husband never fail to make me weep with laughter and grit my teeth with jealousy. Seriously, I wish I could vote for both of you!

    1. You make me jealous with your super smart humor. I don’t think I sound as smart as I’d hope 😂😂. Chase is HILARIOUS! I don’t think she’s a contender this year, but she totally should be!!!

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