At Least I Have Ice Cream

Am I the only one who has those kinds of days where amidst the crap and absolute fuckery, you realize there is a carton of ice cream in the freezer, the same ice cream you bought the other day and actually forgot about, and…
It makes everything OK? 
Then, every time the stress starts creeping like the neighborhood weirdo, you remember that frozen goodness and it’s OK again? 
You think, “At least I have ice cream.” 
Am I the only one who is reassured by the promise of gluttony? 
Please tell me I’m not…
Either way, I can’t wait until it’s Ice Cream Time. 
The actual ice cream I dreamed about all day. 

Yes, that’s a cereal bowl that I plan to eat my ice cream out of. Yes, that’s a piggy spoon. Don’t judge me.