Small Triumphs 

I’m trying to live a healthier lifestyle, despite being Fatty McCupcakes. It’s a process and, if I may, I’d like to compare it to withdrawals addicts experience. Yes, really. My mind craves the sweet carb-y goodness of cupcakes, but my body can’t take the abuse any further. It’s a real battle, an immense struggle. I would like to share how I’ve made some (subtle) changes to my frame of mind and behavior. 
1. I ate one Girl Scout cookie. Not the whole box. Win.
2. Instead of purchasing a new IPhone, I preordered the Fitbit Alta.
  My phone looks like this and, still, I chose the Fitbit. That is true dedication, my friends. 
3. I ate one cup of Multigrain Cheerios with 3/4 cup nonfat milk and four strawberries for breakfast today. AND I didn’t go back for three more cups of cereal to eat with the rest of the milk, either. 
 I eat my cereal in a mug so it looks like I have more than I really do. Genius, right?
4. I went on a walk four times last week. It felt good to be outside, inhaling the cool air tinged with the smell of fireplace. It felt good to get my blood pumping, muscles working. 
5. Perhaps due to my better eating choices and physical exercise, I didn’t get a premenstrual migraine this month for the first time in six months. 
Small gains that may seem silly to some, but these little things have given me the motivation to keep on, keepin’ on. 

40 thoughts on “Small Triumphs ”

          1. You need to learn how to do what that girl did in the movie Bridesmaids – she made ONE cupcake. All the dishes might make it not worth it, but at least you’ll have something to do while waiting for the cupcake to cool enough to put frosting on it?

  1. A triumph is a triumph, big or small! This is awesome! I don’t know if this is helpful or not but I was also a once a month migraine sufferer (even once a week at some points) for a long time and after losing some weight (still a ways to go) and getting healthier in general, I get them only about every few months.

    1. Thanks for the response! I realized the correlation with migraines and weight after seeing an article about it a week or so ago. It makes so much sense. I had fewer migraines when I was lighter. I also ate better and exercised more. So, now, I have that extra motivation needed to kick myself in the ass and get on with it!

  2. I really think cutting back on sugar has helped a ton – with cravings, with PMS, with migraines. I mean making them all less, not worse. ha.
    But…girl. ONE cookie? You should be knighted. I mean…one sleeve = one serving. I can snarf an entire box of Tagalongs like it ain’t no thang. AND THEN GO OUT FOR PIZZA.
    If you can do THAT, you can do ANYTHING. Probably even fly.

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