Adulting Sucks #4,562

Guys, I found (and subsequently “won”-huge competition) an apartment! The best part is that it’s in my most beloved part of town! In fact, I’m only moving three blocks away! I can’t wait to share pictures once it’s finally mine to move into! I would have videoed, but the current tenant was there, moving out, when the landlord showed it. I will say, it’s definitely an upgrade-granite counter tops FTW! 
Since I’m now broke-I’m now paying double the rent-I’ve decided I better get my act together and actually follow a budget. 
For the longest time I thought I was budgeting. I have a detailed list of the bills I pay each month, even down to groceries and “fun money”. When I pay a bill or buy groceries, I mark “paid”. When the charge goes through, I delete the item from my list. This process has served me well for the past seven or so years. 
Or, has it? 
Even though I was keeping track of my money, I always seemed to be down to pennies and pocket lint a week before payday. 

Every month I would wonder where in the hell my money would go. As a teacher, I’m no millionaire, but I make a decent wage. It was really a mystery. 
Well, I solved the mystery.

Fucking Starbucks. 
The month of June isn’t even over and I’ve spent more than $100 JUST at damn Starbucks. I knew I had a certain addiction, but $5 here, $8 there didn’t seem so bad. 
Well, thanks to Mint, I’ve been able to come face-to-face with the very reason I never have any money. 
I don’t budget $100 for coffee, so it’s no wonder my “budget” wasn’t really budgeting at all. 
It’s going to take some time to get the hang of Mint, and that I need to live within my means. 

I hope ya’ll will be patient with me while I take you on yet another journey. This one involves not spending my paycheck the day I get it as if my life depended on it. I have got to be more frugal and responsible. I am 33, for fucks sake! Here we go! 


But then…


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  1. HAHA god this is so great and so relatable. “Well, thanks to Mint, I’ve been able to come face-to-face with the very reason I never have any money.” Mint is the best!! And also the worst… I get major anxiety thinking about how much money I am spending on coffee and basic stuff. It all does add up… but where else are you supposed to write if not in coffee shops??

  2. If blogging is your side hustle, and you make any money on it, do your writing at SBUX and your coffee becomes a business expense. Now your addiction is a tax write-off. God bless America πŸ€“

  3. lol. I enjoyed reading. Your writing style is fun. We all have those expenses that just creep up on us until we are like….what just happened here. But girl, you like your Starbucks. Good to know you are changing the way you budget now. I need to stop eating out. That is what tends to break my budget. Getting better at though, Partly because I work out and then feel like I should eat healthy because then all that working out would feel like it was for nothing. Win win I guess.

    1. Thank you, friend!! I didn’t mention how much I’ve spent on eating out, too! So, yup, I feel you on that one TOO!! πŸ˜¬πŸ˜‚ Great job on working out. That’s a GREAT step to avoiding eating out! I wish I could get to that point!

  4. I too have realized my new addiction to Starbucks. Before moving to Korea, I would have never spent $5 on a coffee! PPFFFTTT $1.60 at Tim Horton’s was my way to go (and I lived an hour away from a Starbucks which helped too) but now I’m obsessed!! Every day when I walk to work I just walk into Starbucks first! I think I will have to focus on getting my addiction under control as well…..

      1. Lol I think so too!! And I’m not sure why but I’m actually in Starbucks right now….. I will stop after this week haha after final tests. I can’t do final tests without coffee

          1. LOL I was!! I justified it since I just got my prescription filled and I needed to take the pills with food…and yes! Now that I have my iced vanilla latte I can feel the crack!

  5. So happy you found a place, and, soooo feel ya on the Starbucks costs! A few years ago, I got serious about cutting out unnecessary expenses, and was floored when I realized I was spending close to $3,000 a year in coffee shops. That’s when I purchased a Keurig, which was less expensive, but still expensive. Now, I have a single cup coffee maker that’s completely rudimentary. You scoop coffee into a filter, and place your cup below, while you pour water from a teapot. A $5-$8 bag of coffee lasts me at least three weeks, and if I want to make a “frappe”, I just throw my ingredients into a blender with some ice. Fuck the system!

    1. Thank you!! I’m excited! I bought a Keurig too, and with the cost of K cups and the filters, cleaner, etc., I might as well just go to Starbucks! I can totally see how I spend $3000 or more a year! Shocking, but not surprising. At all. Great suggestion on the single cup coffeemaker. How would you compare the taste of the coffee?? Because…I’m not exactly impressed with Keurig…

      1. Ya know, I never thought I’d buy Folgers coffee because my parents drank the nasty instant stuff, and that’s what I equated the taste to, but I really enjoy their bagged coffee. I usually buy the Hazelnut or the Mocha. Target (Archer Farms) also makes a great White Chocolate-Macadamia Nut flavor. It takes a little bit more effort to stand there and pour the water through the filter, but I think it’s worth the extra minute.

  6. When I saw all those Starbucks transactions, I actually almost laughed out loud, it is kind of funny when you look back at it haha.
    Great program though, that must really help to keep it all in line!

  7. Firstly, congratulations on the new apartment and secondly, I am glad you found out who was stealing your money! We didn’t have lattes when we were young and poor. Just as well, because I had to feed us on circa $15 per week so that we could pay the bills.

      1. Well, that was 34 years ago but this last 6 months we have survived on the equivalent of $26,000 per year. I stopped the Starbucks, ate at Chillis, shopped at Trader Joe and thrift shops. It was really fun and taught us some skills that we had forgotten.

          1. I think it helped that I was brought up in poverty, sometimes using Dawn for shampoo. We shared baths, used the 15 minute cycle on the washer, air dried clothes, used the cars rarely, kept the air con at 78 degrees, used the fans. Our utility bills were very low including the water bill. For the last three bills we have used $10 of water (excluding the sewage). Less trips to the hairdresser who gave me a discount because Teddy was laid off. I told everyone about that and bills miraculously got smaller from the veterinarians to contractors. Maybe I should write a proper blog about this… πŸ™‚

  8. OK, I hope we can still be friends if I admit I think Starbucks is gross. I just do NOT like their coffee (unless you turn it into dessert to mask the taste). That said, I’m not impressed with Keurig, either. It seems…weak?
    I have a Cuisinart that grinds the beans and brews the coffee – it feels fancy without being too spendy. There is an up-front investment for the machine itself – like under $200 – and I don’t buy generic coffee – but it’s way cheaper than buying coffee. I brew daily and my cost is roughly 50 cents a day this way, factoring in beans and brewer and stuff. It could be done more cheaply, I’m sure, but I’m a princess and deserve fancee coffee. πŸ˜€

    1. I think the reason people are such Starbucks fanatics is almost solely due to the hype, the convenience, and the consistency (you will get the same exact coffee in a tiny Podunk town as you would in NYC). That said, I am not a hardcore fan of Starbucks. I think I’m just addicted to spending. Starbucks isn’t as good as some smaller, locally owned coffee places. It’s also not as good as a casino restaurant I love to go to that is almost all geriatrics. So, yeah. Agreed.

  9. I’m only laughing because that is exactly what my bank statement looked like a few years ago when I opened a tax-deferred annuity and the guy was like, “Where is all your money going?!” Turns out, Starbucks and sushi. Who knew? That shit is expensive.

    1. LOL!! I can SO relate! When I got pre-approved for a house, the lender was all, “Ummmmmmm you go to Starbucks, 7-11, and Einstein Bagels all together too much. Just being real.” BUAHAHA!!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ‘

  10. I can so relate to this. I need an app to help me control my money too. And I do spend a lot of it on food…junk food. Goodluck with the new budget planning. πŸ™‚

  11. I can totally relate as a former toddler teacher with a not so great wage. Although I really needed the coffee to get through the day. I personally try to be frugal with money and make my coffee at home. Every little bit counts, keep pushing on people, you got this πŸ™‚

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