La Maison de Fatty

I’ve finally gotten some things up on the walls and elsewhere. I’ve decided to share pictures of some of my favorite spaces in my new digs. As you will see, I have pretty eclectic taste. I also love girly stuff too. My style is so bipolar. I really love me some funky signs, sugar skulls, Britain-themed anything, Steampunk-esque aquatic themes, and retro collectibles. Who says you can’t incorporate it all?!

Oh poop. Pewp. I’m such a 12 year-old boy…

Octopus are my favorite. 

I think my shower curtain is my favorite thing ever. 


This is hard to see, but I finally have my coveted clear makeup organizer that just gets uber dusty. The price we pay. 

I can’t stop admiring my new lace and fabric peach-colored flowers. 

Sugar skulls and vintage globes.

I love this little guy.

All of my most prized possessions. 

This is so I don’t forget where my kitchen is. 

Errybody loves my hobo stew. 

Because every skull lover has to have a skull-themed cookie jar. It’s a must!

Found this in all places-Elko. It’s one of my favorite possessions. It’s just so me.

An empty candy dish, because I can’t be trusted with a full dish of candy. 

If you want to learn about who I am as a person, just check out my magnet collection. 

Don’t judge. This is quite possibly the smallest, lamest bar in all the land. I had to do something fun with this retro telephone cart. Ain’t no one got time for landlines anymore. Also, I don’t drink much, but when I do, it’s likely to be a Moscow Mule (but, I’m out of vodka. And ginger beer. I’m the worst). Also, Fireball, because I’m classy like that.
I have a makeup table, but it’s not finished. In case you didn’t know, every single lady has to have a makeup table. I’ll share when it’s blinged out! 
I hope you enjoyed the pics of my crazy, eclectic apartment. 
Toodle-oo and ta-ta for now!

46 thoughts on “La Maison de Fatty”

  1. It looks fab, everything is so cute, I love your telephone now bar cart!!! I won’t lie though, i have a phobia of sea creatures so the shower curtain is bloody terrifying to me, I can’t imagine sitting on the toilet with a huge Octopus watching me! haha

  2. Want to come decorate for me? I love your bathroom – super cute. Especially the “oh poop” sign. Every classy bathroom needs a decorative sign about pooping. Where’d you get it? I love how the octopus looks like it’s glowing all the way from the hallway.

  3. Love your style… I love sugar skulls too 🙂 That clock is gorgeous and I would totes hang that “Oh Poop” sign in my house… too bad hubby and I don’t have the same tastes so I’ve scaled back my eclecticness over the years… but I do have some areas of the house where I get to put some of my pretties LOL I might have to take some pictures myself ….if the mess can be out of frame 😛

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