Food Baby

Because I just got back from Apple Hill and haven’t given “birth” to my current food baby yet, I felt this was an appropriate flashback post. I have no shame…
I don’t even know where to start. 
I think there’s no hope for me. 
I try to be good. 
No. That’s a boldface lie. I’ll be real. I don’t try. Not at all. 
My “trying” is remembering to ask for nonfat milk in my venti salted caramel mocha. 
This past week it’s been fall break for us teachers over in my neck of the woods. Because I had no solid, established plans to go somewhere cool, I knew I’d be making the rounds at my favorite eating establishments. 
Because it isn’t fall break unless I eat my weight in carbs and almost slip into a diabetic coma. 
So, I thought I’d share with you some of the ridiculousness I put into my fat gob this past week. It’s like a really pathetic travel picture slideshow, but instead of pictures of me in front of the Grand Canyon, you get to see exactly why I’m struggling to button my new stretchy jeans. 
How fun! 
But, first, I have to share with you just how much of a lost cause I am. It’s been a minute since I’ve shared a diet woe or food foible, so it was bound to happen that I’d find myself knee deep in embarrassment or ridiculousness.
On Saturday, I attended a family member’s baby shower. I was super excited to go, because I heard that they were ordering bundtinis from Nothing Bundt Cakes. Their cakes are just ungodly good. They must use a metric ton of sugar, butter, and unicorn blood in just one cake. That has to be why they’re so good. 
I also heard that if you didn’t RSVP and you just showed up, you wouldn’t get a bundtini, because they were ordering just enough for the attendees and no extra. 
I made sure I RSVP’d by phone, email, snail mail, and telegram. 
It was so hard waiting for cupcake o’clock. Pure hell.
When the time finally came to have our bundtinis, it was utter agony to choose just one
I could have eaten one entire cupcake tier and still had room for a steak dinner.
Eventually, I settled on red velvet.

It was delectable, but quite small. I really needed another bundtini, or 7… 
There were still, at least, 15 little morsels of heaven left. I reported this interesting discovery to my mom. I told her I was most definitely going to eat another one. 
She said, “Well, what if some people haven’t gotten theirs yet?” 
To this, I responded:
“Ya snooze, ya lose, ladies!”
Cupcakes, just sitting out in the open, after a good 20 minutes, are fair game in my book. 
Still, it made me question the possibility of just grabbing one and eating it right in front of God and everybody.
So, I scoped the cupcake spot out for a good 10 minutes until the coast was clear. Once there was no one in sight, I snatched one, and made a beeline for the bathroom.
Yes, I felt the need to have more than my fair share of cupcakes, and in utter disgrace, I scarfed down someone else’s designated cupcake as I hid in.the.bathroom.

The fact that my gut is resting ever so elegantly on the counter is evidence that I didn’t even need ONE cupcake. 
This short aside ended up being a little more long-winded than I had first intended. So, I’ll share my gluttonous menu from this past week in a separate post. 

Just sitting in line to get gas, taking pics of my food baby. 
*Mother-to-be: If you read this, know you positively glowed with happiness and impending motherhood. I, in no way, wanted to upstage you with my food baby belly. This was unplanned, unintended, and rather uncomfortable. Please accept my sincerest apologies. 

78 thoughts on “Food Baby”

  1. Firstly, cupcake o’clock needs to be a legit phrase used in everyday life! Like, “what time do you wanna meet?” “oh I dunno how about cupcake o’clock?”
    Secondly, I freaking love your outfit and that necklace!!! You are so gorgeous, and girl those eyebrows are perfect!!
    Thirdly, thanks a lot for making me now want a cupcake really badly πŸ˜‰

  2. I think I’ve worked too many weddings to give a shit about cupcakes anymore, but do NOT get between me and mashed potatoes! I’d eat a whole dammed mashed potato cake. Oooh..what if the “frosting” was made of gravy? Not helping, I know.

  3. OK, it was THEIR fault for rationing cake in the first place. This is why sheet cakes were invented – cake is supposed to mean leftovers. One per person? I have $5 that says she was hoping for a brawl to record in the hopes it’d have gone viral.
    one per person…who needs “friends” like that?!?!

    1. I am sort if thinking that we *do* need a food baby shower! That way we could all order extra cupcakes and end up with more food babies! Plus, if it was food babies, we could let blokes join us and be involved in the fun!

  4. You kill me Katie.
    This post is amazing and I am sad I didn’t follow you a year ago to read it the first time around!

  5. I share your pain. I bought Halloween cupcakes as a treat for my hubby. (They even had cute plastic pumpkins rings stuck in them) and was secretly thrilled when he left for work out of town and their was 3 cupcakes left. ALL FOR ME πŸ™‚

  6. Hilarious! I don’t blame you for having another bundtini as they look so small, but had to laugh that you took a photo of yourself with the ‘borrowed’ bundtini in the bathroom. Good going!

  7. Hahaha. As always- nothing but respect for you queen. Also, I’ve got a little food baby bump that I can rest on a counter too. We’re winning πŸ‘πŸ»

  8. Food Baby!My Australian cousin introduced me to this term a few years back, I guess its a world wide thing…I love it as I have my very own food baby…and those cakes sound delicious (god I love cakes) and unicorn blood?inspired…thanks for the laugh πŸ™‚

      1. FYI. My google search as per eggnog on tap resulted in oh . . about a billion and a half search results, mostly about eggnog cream Ales and Porters.
        That works.

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