Third Funniest Blogger, Baby!

I’m still positively shocked that anyone other than my mom thinks I’m funny. I mean, I occasionally make myself laugh, but sometimes I think I’ll eventually wake up. But, I don’t think this is just a dream, guys. I was voted 3rd Funniest in the Annual Bloggers Bash Awards. That must mean it’s really true. I’m kinda officially funny.
I’m so incredibly honored and excited to have made 3rd, ya’ll.

I was so excited and apprehensive the night before the awards (that happened in London, btw), I had horrible nightmares all.night.long.
They ranged from your usual holy-shit-I-forgot-pants-and-I’m suddenly-on-stage-in-front-of-a-room-full-of-people to the nightmare that I didn’t place.
See, these awards mean so much to me. Like, so.much. The excitement and anticipation leading up to the event was even better than a cupcake high.
Not only does winning an award help validate the fact that I call myself a humor blogger, the ABBA originated from the U.K. My Anglophile self is geeking out big time.
Not only do I feel pretty dang proud, I feel so lucky to have the readers I do. This was all thanks to YOU.
To those who took the time to vote for me, to those who take time out of their lives to read my words, to those who have liked, commented, shared, spread the word, THANK YOU.
I’m immensely lucky for you all.
I also want to say a huge thank you to the ABBA committee. You have spent an immeasurable amount of time, heart, and thought into putting these awards together. Not only that, you’ve created an event that so many people have to look forward to and be excited about. So, thank you.

This is how I celebrated. Maybe I should be Fatty McDonuts.

54 thoughts on “Third Funniest Blogger, Baby!”

    1. BUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! This is hilarious and I can totally see this endless loop of politeness playing out because I can never stop saying “thank you” or “no, thank YOU” and “you’re very welcome” 😂😂

  1. Well done Mrs! You sprinkle humour over the blogosphere like multicoloured sugar strands xxx
    Absolutely love your blog x

  2. Congratulations. Your win has made me a winner. Please let me explain.
    My husband and sons have always said I don’t have a sense of humor because they’ll be rolling on the floor laughing watching some comedian, more often someone who’s cussing like crazy, and I’m sitting there wondering what’s so funny.
    You made me laugh the very first post I read and I’m still laughing.
    Again, congratulations and keep up the great posts and keep us laughing.

  3. Go Katie, Go Katie!!
    I am sooo chuffed for you. You deserved to win first place, but it is still sooo cool that you have been recognized!

  4. Since the award was given by ABBA this seems fitting:
    Blogging world and electrons glow,
    Looking for someone who’s in the know,
    Where you can always find a joke.
    Follow crumbs left for the birds,
    You start to take in her words.
    You’re in the mood for something sweet
    And when she’s the one you meet–
    Oh we can laugh,
    You can frost,
    ‘Cause you are the pastry boss,
    See that girl,
    How she bakes,
    The Queen of Cupcakes!

  5. Fatty McDonuts sounds too much like you’re shilling for the golden arches…so stick with McCupcakes. 😀
    But excellent choice in the baked good of celebration. Donuts are every inch as good as cupcakes as per the 11th commandment:
    Thou shalt not discriminate against baked goods.
    Congrats on the big recognition!

  6. I’m low-key disappointed that you didn’t show us which donut you chose. But I get it: you were excited, celebrating, high on your success and forgot all about the little people who genuinely care whether the Holey Grail donut is as mouthwatering in person.
    You can make it up to us by continuing to write hilarious content, but I’m gonna want a follow-up on any donuts! (Seriously, I can’t find good ones up here so I’m living vicariously through you)

  7. Just started reading your stuff…love it. Sometimes I just want funny and not all thoughtful and meaningful. Looking forward to reading more! Congrats on the award!

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